If you’re here, it’s because you’ve just filled out our application to join a specific new Cause, that’s Crewing up! Thank you! It’s selfless and passionate people like yourself that helps us a Crews for a Cause sleep well at night. While you’re waiting to hear back about the next steps, please take a look below at some helpful FAQs and links, or reach out to us with any further questions!

When should I expect to hear back from you with an update?

We are in the process of reviewing all of the applications that are coming in from amazing volunteers like yourself, in order to create the best Crew possible for this specific Cause! This could take anywhere from a few days to a few months even. We will keep everyone updated as often as possible, but please be patient with us!

How do you choose from the volunteers who have applied to this project?

We make our decisions based on a criteria of three main categories : Passion, Skill Set, & Availability. Once volunteers like yourself have reached out to us and want to work on the individual projects, we review the information we have and choose the right person for each specific role that needs to be filled.

Once the project finds the right Crew and gets started, what is the general process?

We follow a general step-by-step procedural walkthrough on all of our projects. This helps streamline the process from pre-production to post, and maintain a standard of quality and efficiency. It also helps us have a type of checklist that allows us to keep track of the progress of each project.

Still have a question? Visit our CONTACT page to reach out to us, or search from our additional knowledge base articles.