Lifetime Arts

Lifetime Arts is a national, nonprofit arts service organization that offers a positive, modern, artistic and social lens through which to serve, inspire and engage America’s growing population of older adults. Through a variety of training programs and services, we build the capacity of organizations who serve older adults to develop, deliver and sustain professionally conducted arts education programs. Our mission is to encourage creative aging by promoting the inclusion of professional arts programs in organizations that serve older adults; to prepare artists to develop the creative capacity of older adult learners, and to foster lifelong learning in and through the arts by increasing opportunities for participation in community-based programming. We are based outside of New York City in New Rochelle, NY.

What We Need:
We are looking for your help to produce a 2-3 minute video & maybe a 30 second version as well. The goals of this video are to: 1. introduce people to the field of Creative Aging; 2. highlight the personal creative and social growth that older adults who participate in our programming experience; and 3. demonstrate how Lifetime Arts is making an impact nationwide.

Who We Need:
We are now looking to build a strong Director & Copywriter team who can help create the vision and bring this project to life, from pre-production all the way through completion. Once we are ready to move into production, we will reach out to our technical production friends. That will most likely include a camera/audio operator, editor, production assistants, and anyone else who can help us achieve our goal of providing Lifetime Arts with the amazing video they are looking for!

If you would like to get involved with this project simply contact us with your availability and capacity in which you’d like to help. We understand that all of our volunteers are working professionals and will be donating their free time. As always feel free to share this on social media by clicking the links below!